Alice in Wonderland

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This beautiful hardback Ladybird Classic edition of "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll is a perfect first illustrated introduction to the classic story for younger readers. It has been sensitively abridged and retold to make it suitable for sharing with young children from 5+, whilst retaining all the best-loved parts of the "Alice in Wonderland" story, such as the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. Beautiful full-colour illustrations throughout also help to bring all of these classic characters to life. Other exciting titles in the "Ladybird Classics" series include "Treasure Island", "Black Beauty", "The Secret Garden", "Oliver Twist" and "Gulliver's Travels".

Alice in Wonderland  Купить с доставкой 474.0 474.00 руб.
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Alice in Wonderland.

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