Little Explorers: Teddy in Bed

Little Explorers: Teddy in Bed  Купить с доставкой 624.0

Teaching phonics is recognised educationally as an essential part of the teaching of reading and writing. The Macmillan English Explorers Phonics Reading Series complements the first four levels of the existing Explorers Reading Scheme in a way that will teach children how to sound out words and blend sounds to read words and to segment the sounds in the words in order to accurately spell them. Each book in the new series has a strong, identifiable phonic focus and the phonic focus is set within the context of a story to ensure that reading for meaning is retained. Popular and familiar characters from the Macmillan English Explorers series can be found, along with the introduction of new contexts and characters. Perfect for using alongside the existing Macmillan English Explorers reading scheme to add further depth and context, or as a stand-alone phonics reading scheme.

Little Explorers: Teddy in Bed  Купить с доставкой 624.0 624.00 руб.
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Little Explorers: Teddy in Bed.

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