Playing with Fire

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Those who play with fire are going to get burned...
Seven years ago Martin Chadwick set fire to a Manchester pub, not knowing a teenager was sleeping inside. Chadwick’s release from prison is imminent, with journalists gearing up for a good old-fashioned media lynching.
With the victim’s father telling the papers he is out for revenge, DS Jessica Daniel is left to keep an eye on Chadwick and his fiery eighteen-year-old son.
If that's not enough to keep her occupied, a private investigator is doing a fine job sticking his oar in, it looks like there's a schoolgirl suicide ring in operation, her car is working a little too well, and the endless rain continues to pound her northern home.
Jessica's personal and professional life is in the balance - giving her barely enough time to focus on the person in her midst seemingly intent on burning everything to the ground.

Playing with Fire  Купить с доставкой 621.0 621.00 руб.
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Playing with Fire.

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