The TKT Course CLIL Module

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This course is designed for teachers and trainee teachers preparing for the Cambridge ESOL TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning test (TKT: CLIL). It is ideal for both content - and language-based teachers. Written by a CLIL expert in collaboration with Cambridge ESOL, this is the only course which offers preparation for TKT: CLIL. It covers the four key areas of the test: knowledge of CLIL and principles of CLIL, lesson preparation, lesson delivery and assessment. It will also be useful for anyone seeking an introduction to CLIL theory and practice. The TKT Course CLIL Module introduces teachers to the concepts and terminology central to CLIL and provides an introduction to its main theories, approaches and activities. Teachers are encouraged to apply these to their own teaching contexts and analyze their usefulness to their own learners. Materials and activities are available which further develop and explore the topics introduced in the course.

The TKT Course CLIL Module  Купить с доставкой 1016.0 1016.00 руб.
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The TKT Course CLIL Module.

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